OCR Comparison (ABBYY OCR SDK)

The following comparison data is the result of recognizing around a hundred images, not including the blurred ones, the ones with strong light reflection and dim images.

Company Name Text Accuracy Recognition time Footprint Languages supported* Customization Common usage Mobile App
ABBYY 90.46% 8.19s - 190* No Business Card, Paper document, Invoice Business Card Reader, TextGrabber
Yunmai 89.45% 6.25s <5MB 14* Yes Passports and IDs documents, Invoices, Bank statements, Computerized receipts, Business cards, Banking cards, Mail, Car plate Chinese Driver's Licence recognition, Banking Card recognition, Chinese ID Card recognition, Passport recognition, Chinese Vehicle Registration recognition

*: Be careful when counting languages, some solutions like ABBYY count the actual languages number but the country supported. For example, Russian is counted several times for Russia, Poland, etc. Yunmai Technology just count the actual languages supported and not the countries, so that’s why it seems to have less languages.

Text Accuracy

Although the text accuracy of other OCR engines are better, no solutions can guarantee 100% accuracy because an important factor is the quality of the scanned document.

A low image quality like blurred image, dim image, skewed image and image with strong light refection will reduce the recognition rate.

According to the above table, ABBYY OCR text accuracy is 1% higher than Yunmai's OCR. This is not a large difference between ABBYY and Yunmai's OCR SDKs.

Recognition speed

For the recognition average time, Yunmai's OCR SDK is 1.94s faster than ABBYY OCR SDK (around 20% better). Using a faster recognition solution can help saving time and resources, and improve efficiency.


Yunmai’s mobile OCR engine is taking less than 5MB of memory. Footprint is an important factor to measure whether OCR engine is suitable to integrate in your application or server. Integrating OCR SDK with a small footprint will reduce the installation package weight of the application and server, and makes run faster. For ABBYY, we don’t have data on the footprint of their OCR engine.

Customized OCR Solutions

To our knowledge, ABBYY don’t supply customized OCR SDK for clients. Yunmai Technology has more than 12 years of experience in developing customized Optical Character Recognition solutions. We provide customized OCR solutions to match customers’ requirements such as recognition of ID cards, credit cards, driver licenses.

Flexible pricing

OCR technology improves the accuracy of data collection and reduces the time required by human workers to enter the data. In order to make OCR technology more accessible and beneficial to more people, Yunmai has more flexible and lower price for developers compare with ABBYY.

Yunmai Technology has development license and deployment license for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Developers can choose and pay for different services:

  • Pay per document recognized, through our OCR API
  • Pay yearly License for OCR SDK: A fixed number of users (Max of 100 or 500 users), or unlimited users to recognized for mobile application and PC Software
  • Pay life time license for OCR SDK with unlimited recognition

We also offer special discount for lifetime licenses.

For example take this requirements:

  • Users: 10000
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Platform: Android
  • Documents recognized: English

For this solution, ABBYY pricing is $35,000 compare with the $10,000 for Yunmai Technology.


Referring to the above table, the text accuracy recognition of ABBYY OCR solution is 1% better than Yunmai’s. For recognition speed and price, Yunmai Technology has more advantages than ABBYY. Moreover, Yunmai Technology can supply customized OCR solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

With more than 10 years’ experience in OCR solution development, our development team will provide technical support for the first year, to help our clients in the integration of our technology into their products.