Main Features

Streamlined Data Input Process

You’ll be amazed at how data input, be it text-heavy documents, phone numbers on business cards, license plate numbers, bank card information, or else messages, can be so streamlined with the employment of Yunmai OCR SDKs in your apps. Stop peeving your users with cumbersome and obsolete manual data entry. Embrace the advent of a new era of automation.

Industry-leading Accuracy

With an accuracy rate of 95% ~ 99% for Chinese and English characters, our products boast of being one of the highest-end OCR engines in the industry. Make your time/cost wisely spent on developing new cool features rather than fidgeting about the reliability of information.

Breakneck Recognition Speed

It takes you even longer to make a cup of instant coffee than to recognize a page of text-heavy document with Yunmai OCR. For sources with slight information to catch like business cards, the recognition happens in a blink of an eye (average time is less than 2.5 secs)!

Easy To Integrate

The SDKs are coded in ways that developers don’t need too much professional guidance to know how to embed them in the apps. With a simple string of preset codes along with the SDKs they are ready to introduce the awesome OCR functions into the apps.

Cross-Platform Adaptability

The OCR SDKs are able to integrate with iOS (6 and above), Android (2.3 and above), Windows (XP and above), and Linux, virtually all platforms and programming languages.

Small Footprint!

Imagine, an SDK with such cool features only takes up no more than 5MB of data storage in your app! Like they say, best things come in small packages!

Free Trial Use Before Purchase

We offer a flexible period of trial use for developers on short email notices, to give you time to try out the functions of the SDKs as well as their compatibility with your apps. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free trial license!

Customer-Orientated Solutions

With the understanding that developers have diversified need for recognition accuracy rates and auxiliary functions, -such as, catch more information on bank cards in addition to card numbers and expiry dates, -or that they are in want of specific OCR functions that haven’t been covered yet in the listed SDKs, we offer customer-oriented solutions in alignment with your actual demand. You may refer to Customized OCR SDK for more information, or contact us with your most urgent wants.