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Improve the data entry in your company or in your software by using one of Yunmais OCR SDks. With world class recognition accuracy and fast speed, we can help you reduce the cost of digitizing your paper documents or extracting text from images.

We provides solutions for Telecom Companies, Financial Institutions, Mobile Phones Manufacturers, Scanner&Camera Manufacturers, as well as Internet Companies. With more than an hundred partners arround the world, our solutions are used daily by millions of end-clients.

If you have special requirements, we are able to develop custom OCR SDK to fit your needs of text recognition on digital images.

Document Recognition SDK

Document recognition sdk

A Document Recognition SDK that retrieves text from images. This Optical Character Recognition kit can be applied to any industries to solve paper documents management issues.

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Business Card Recognition SDK

A Bizcard Recognition SDK that can be integrated into any application and serve various industries. This BCR SDK can be used to solve the problems with entering contact information from a huge volume of business cards.

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Banking Card Recognition SDK

Credit card recognition sdk

A Banking Card Recognition SDK that can be used to scan Bank Card and retrieve info from it. This Optical Character Recognition SDK can be applied to any industries which deal with a lot of Credit Card entries.

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Form Recognition SDK

Form recognition sdk

It can be used to scan invoices and other forms to extract the information from them. This Optical Character Recognition SDK can be applied to any industries which deal with a lot of forms entries.

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Other SDKs

Image Processing SDK

Image processing sdk

We provide image processing SDK as addon for the OCR SDKs. This kit can automatically identify the document position within the image and crop it. Furthermore we can apply filters to enhanced the image for a better recognition result.

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Instant Messenger SDK

Instant Messenger sdk

We provide clients and server SDKs for Instant Messaging application. The SDKs support text, image, voice, video messages as well as location sharing functionalities. Some other modules are available to add Office Automation capabilities to it.

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All OCR SDKs Now Available for Free Download on Cloud OCR API

Yunmai Technology, a top-ranking global provider of high-end OCR (aka, optical character recognition) SDKs (software development kits), is pleased to announce the launch of its Cloud OCR API website where all sorts of Yunmai OCR SDKs are open for developers’ free download. [...]

The Most Practical Optical Character Recognition Use Cases of 2016

Optical Character Recognition is playing an important role in most of the companies and help millions of users daily. With a more than ever user focus approach of software development, and also to reduce the cost of document processing, Optical Character Recognition can bring useful features to your software. [...]


Yunmnai Technology was founded in 2002. With a strong background in embedded solutions for text recognition and one of the first Chinese character recognition developer, we are able to provide text recognition intelligence to a broad audience and a large quantity of platforms.

With fast and accurate recognition in a small footprint, we can customize our solutions to fit any requirements and currently provide our SDKs for scanner manufacturers, banking institutions, mobile phone manufacturers & telecoms companies.


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