All OCR SDKs Now Available for Free Download on Cloud OCR API


Yunmai Technology, a top-ranking global provider of high-end OCR (aka, optical character recognition) SDKs (software development kits), is pleased to announce the launch of its Cloud OCR API website where all sorts of Yunmai OCR SDKs are open for developers’ free download.

“One of the frequent requests that have been brought to us both in emails and during phone calls is from developers putting in for a trial use of a specified SDK for test’s sake. Now all of them are available on the platform, for free trial. “ says Xuming Liang, CEO & Founder of Yunmai Technology.

Up until now, Yunmai Technology has issued a wide range of OCR products to meet the demands of developers from all walks of life, with featured products roughly broken down into: Business Card Recognition, Document Recognition, Banking Card Recognition, Form Recognition, Image Processing, Instant Messaging, and other customized recognition SDKs. Developers used to contact us for test use of specific SDKs, which might lead to the exchange of a number of emails back and forth before they could finally set down to try out the product. It was somehow time-consuming, on both sides, and inconvenient. Now that with the release of the aforesaid website, all they need to do is to send us ONE email requesting for a test user account which is required for logging in onto the platform, or register one for free if they have a China domestic cellphone number (for receiving SMS codes). This may only take, say, no more than a couple of minutes (or hours if taking time differences into consideration) during work time. New accounts are automatically granted 15 days of free trial, starting since the day of registration. If an extended period is needed in cases when further tests need to be carried out meticulously, a simple email to us is enough to accomplish that.

It is not our sole purpose, however, to cut short on the application-for-trial-use time span, but also to make purchasing of the products more convenient and easier-to-use. Payment patterns are also broadened with the addition of the pay-per-use mode on the platform. For developers whose uses of the OCR functions aren’t that intensive, pay-per-use or regular prepayment rather than annual subscription fees may stand out as their preferable choice. Not to mention that the prepaid fees can be spent on all available OCR services on the platform at users’ own will, be it document scan, or business cards recognition, or others, while annual subscription fees are restricted on the contracted ones.

Another perk granted on the website is that a monthly update has been scheduled on the server side. Therefore users are guaranteed the latest version of any purchased SDKs when connected to the platform, without the need for constant manual update and download.

Feel inclined to share your personal experience on utilizing the website to test out the performance of the OCR SDKs in your apps? Don’t hesitate to post your feedback on our Facebook page or have live conversations with our overseas business staff via emails.