Services & Pricing Request Information

We provide OCR services at best flexible and affordable prices in alignment with your personalized needs for OCR SDK types, target recognition languages, user base scales, extra high accuracy demands, length of licensing term, and else customization requirements. Factors that have real impact on the final licensing prices include:

  • OCR SDK Types: choose among Business Card Recognition, Document Recognition, Bank Card Recognition, and Form Recognition, or customize one with us.
  • Target recognition languages: we support up to 15 languages for all the listed SDKs, including Chinese, English, and European languages, all charged with disparate prices.
  • User base scales: we recommend developers opt for unlimited users for their convenience rather than putting a limit on the user base. But if an app is developed for a restricted or relatively narrow community, feel free to contact us and let us know.
  • Length of licensing term: in general we offer three payment options for disparate length of licensing term: yearly payment, one-time fee for a lifetime licensing, and pay-per-use on our Cloud OCR API website.
  • Extra high accuracy: the SDKs have been configured at finest cost performance ratio, so that they deliver results with an average accuracy rate of above 95%, which is adequate enough for uses in most occasions. Yet solutions are also provided for developers with pressing needs for an average accuracy rate of above 98%, or even closer to 100% (99% plus). Feel free to reach out to us for more details should there be any demand on that front.
  • Other customization requirements: want additional info to be included in the recognition result? Or perhaps, just think it’s cool to have specific features added in/supported by the SDKs? The data expected to be recognized in my app is supposed to be supremely sensitive (like in some of the health care or e-commerce financing apps) and must never go outside the local area network, so can we have the database set on our own local server, please? Well, whatever your concern is, you are most welcomed to reach out to us for help.

Just feel free to step forward and have live conversations with one of our sales representatives on Facebook, WhatsApp (+86 13185737470), Skype (, or submit an inquiry to our WE ARE ALL EARS.