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Yunmai Document OCR SDK is a kit that enable developers and integrators to add the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature into their software and mobile application. Extract the text from image (also call "image to text" function) from any mobile or desktop platforms.

High Accuracy

Our Optical Character Recognition rates for English character sets are above 96%.
Spend your time on using your document and not on editing or correcting it.

Fast Recognition

An A4 document containing 800 characters takes less than 5 seconds to be recognized on smart phones by our Optical Character Recognition engine.
Spend your time on using your document and not on the capture.

Small Footprint

Since our SDK takes less than 5MB of data storage, you can incorporate it every where; in mobile device, embedded system. Recognize document without requiring an internet or data connection to extract the text from your document images.

Global Recognition

Recognizing the major languages, the SDK allows you to provide recognition to the broader audience possible.

Platforms supported

Application using our Document OCR SDK

Docs Matter - Mobile Scanner for Android

Docs Matter - Mobile Scanner

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Interested about this OCR SDK

If you are interested about this Optical Character Recognition SDK or require more information about it, feel free to contact us.

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