Image Processing SDK Request Information

Yunmai's Image Preprocessing SDK allows you to process a digital document image before starting the recognition. The goal is to improve the lisibility of the text on the image to increase the recognition rate, as well as to compress the image to enhance the speed of the recognition.

Document position detection

The position of the document can be detected automatically and the picture cropped accordingly. This part can also deskew the image.

Document orientation detection

The orientation of the text within the document is checked and the image is automatically turned (90, 180 or 270 degrees), so that the text is horizontally positioned.

Image filters

You can apply filters on the images (Black&White, Greyscale, enhanced contrast) to clean the image before recognition.

Image cleaning

The image's background is cleaned of the potential noises to present the user a clearer image and to remove artifacts that can affect recognition.

Image enhancement

The image's contrast is adjusted to provide a better looking document picture as well as to help the OCR engine to differenciate text from background.

Image compression

The image is compressed to increase the speed of recognition and to reduce the volume of data for transfer and archive.

Interested about this SDK

If you are interested about this Image Processing SDK or require more information about it, feel free to contact us.

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