Form Recognition and Processing SDK Request Information

Yunmai Form OCR SDK is a kit that enable developers and integrators to process invoices and other forms. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature will extract the information and allow you to export the data into your document process automation workflow.

Data Extraction

The SDK can identify and extract Text, Table Data, Image (Logo & Signature), Barcodes.

Master Template Creation

Create Master Templates for the most common forms you are recognizing. Select the areas you want to identify and define the type of content for them.
When you scan a new form it will be compared to the previously created templates and be identified.

High OCR Accuracy

Our Optical Character Recognition rates for English character sets are above 96%.

Fast Recognition

An A4 document containing 800 characters takes less than 5 seconds to be recognized by our Optical Character Recognition engine.

Small Footprint

Since our SDK takes less than 5MB of data storage, you can incorporate it every where; in mobile device, embedded system.

Global Recognition

Recognizing the major languages, the SDK allows you to provide recognition to the broader audience possible.