OCR Software


  • Docs Matter – OCR Scanner is available on Google Play and allow you to capture and manage your paper documents directly from your Android device. Just capture a picture of your document, crop and apply filter to the image and then start the recognition process. The result will be available to you and you can edit the result before saving it. To help you complete this step we develop our own character and word suggestion (Chinese & English only) that can save you time editing. Just point to the character/word to edit and a keyboard will display the likely suggestion from a dictionary and display a picture helper of the original image. Just click on the correct character/word to apply the change. From within the app you can organize your newly created document by creating folders, by “favorite” document that can be quickly access from the main page later on. You can also export the document into double layered PDF that allows you to search content and at the same time keep the original layout of the document. Furthermore you can synchronize our document to our Cloud Storage or export them to third party storage such as Microsoft OneDrive and …
  • Scancard – Business Card Reader is a portable business card Scanner. Take a picture of your newly acquired bizcard and the software will recognize the information from it. Edit the result with our picture helper and then save it. The application comes with an integrated Business Card Holder that allows you to search and access your contacts, as well as share and export them to your local address book.
  • SmartEye – LiveTextTranslator. Just point the camera to the words you want to recognize and the application will read and translate them in real time. You can then start a search via Bing or save the result in your own dictionary for later review.


  • OCR Text Extractor is a mobile OCR scanner that help you with the digitalization of your paper document directly from your iOS device. Take a picture of the document, crop the image to extract the text you want and then start the recognition. Our Character and words suggestion function will help you quickly edit the potential recognition errors. Save your newly created document. You can then export the results to double layer PDF.

PC (Windows)

  • Business Card Reader is a PC software to capture and store your Business Cards on your Windows PC platforms. Use a business card scanner or your webcam, or load an image of the business card in hand and the software will extract the information for you. You can edit the result and later export or save your database of contacts information.
  • Document Recognition Demo is a PC software to test our Document Recognition SDK on Windows platform. Load the picture you want to recognize, select the language of recognition and then start the recognition. You can then export the result to text file.