Importance of Digital Image Processing (and preprocessing) in our daily life


Image processing is the use of mathematical formulas to modify the input image into an image that is more explotable by the user (human or machine). It involves treating a two-dimensional image as the input of a system and outputting a modified image or a set of defining parameters related to the image. Modern image processing tends to refer to the digital domain where the color of each pixel is specified by a string of binary digits.

This technology involves many transformations and techniques, usually derived from the field of signal processing. There are standard geometric transformations such as enlargement, size reduction, linear translation and rotation. It is possible to modify the colors in images such as enhancing contrasts.

In our daily life, with our smartphones in hand, we use image processing to enhance the picture quality of the moment we capture.

In company's workflow involving the use of documents image, the use of the Image Processing is transparent. The goal is to propose to the system an image that is easier to categorize and identify.

Several Features of Image Processing:

  • Document orientation detection: to flatten and deskew the image
  • Document border detection (edge detection): to allow auto cropping
  • Document Perspective correction
  • Document Automatic rotation: to have the text horizontal: rotation 90/180/270 degrees
  • Document type detection by extracting the document characteristics and tag them (examples: seperate business card from invoices)
  • Document layout analysis: to reproduce the layout on the output document
  • Document image filtering, correction of contrast and brightness: to prepare for OCR (black and white and grey scale filter)
  • Image compression: compress the size of the image for better portability
Yunmai's Image Processing Solution and SDK result

Our Yunmai Image Processing SDK can be integrated to any document programs to display and use better images. By compressing the output it facilitate the sharing of such images through any wireless protocole (even mobile connection) without affecting too much the user data plan.

Yunmai Technology is actively developing this image preprocessing technology since 2002 when we first launch our Optical Character Recognition Technology. Our Image manipulation engine allow us to provide world class recognition rate and speed even on picture taken from mobile phones.