Form Recognition


Yunmai Form recognition process

Intro: the problematic

Companies have to deal with hundreds of forms daily, like invoices, recruitment & test forms, employees evaluations, questionnaires, customers feedback … By automating the processes of this data entry companies save money compared to manual data entry.

Specific forms are also processed for different kind of institutions: account opening for banks, visa demand for official representative, ...

In most cases, a form can be defined as the data process of Text, Marks (Checkboxes), Tables, Images and Barcode.

By having a full digitalized version of the data, companies solve different problems:

  • indexing & archiving
  • retrieval of information
  • reduce processing time
  • integration to company process
  • reduce cost

With such different model of forms, your data entry solution should be flexible to accommodate your forms processed, as well as efficient to require as less manual editing and validation as possible.

With this goals in mind, at Yunmai Technology, we developed a powerful yet accessible Form Recognition Software. Combining our long experience in Optical Character Recognition and Image Processing, Yunmai Form Recognition allows you to process a large amount of form in a cost effective way.

How does Form Recognition worlds?

Defining the Master forms:

If you process a lot of similar forms, you should create Master Template. With the help of a graphic application, you can load an image of the form. Then you can define the areas of the image where the information you want to extract is. You can define text, barcode, table, marks areas and images. The master form are saved as xml file for better compatibility and exportability.

Recognition & editing:

When your master forms are defined, you can scan or import the scanned forms in batch. For each document the software will extract its characteristics and compare them to the master forms you define. If a match is found the document will be flagged, and the data extraction process will start. Depending on the area of the document and the type of data associated with it, the software will either start OCR on this part or extract the image. Then, you will be able to review the results and quickly view the potential errors that are highlighted in case of low confidence rating. If you need to edit the results a visual helper with characters and words suggestion can help you to fasten the process.

Export data:

When you validate the data extracted, the software will export the result in xml file. You can create a bridge to automatically export the data to your database environment and company process.

The different steps can be done in one computer or separated to different operator depending on your company needs and structure. For example, the definition of the Masters can be assigned to a first employee while the scanning and review to a second employee.


By choosing to automatized the processing of your company’s forms, you can reduce the time requires to process them, increase the effectiveness of the process by integrating the data extraction directly to your current working process. All this improvement can save between 20 to 50% of the cost of processing forms as well as improve the responsiveness of your teams to customers.

Company presentation

Yunmai Technology is dedicated to bring better tools to increase the effectiveness of data entry for corporations worldwide. Since 2002, we developed and improved OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and solution, for different platforms (PC, Embedded, Mobile devices, Servers). Our solutions includes banking card recognition, business card recognition and document recognition. We partnered with HP, Samsung, Lenovo, China Telecom and hundreds more corporations, in different industries such as Mobile Phone manufacturers, financial institutions, telecom companies, scanner/camera manufacturers and internet companies.