Yunmai SaaS System


Yunmai SaaS system is a platform that provides OCR SDKs for developers. Yunmai company has developed more than ten recognition engines, most of the products have been listed in the platform. The developers can get a suitable SDK from the SaaS system according to actual demand, and add an optical character recognition feature to their software or system.

Why do developers chose Yunmai SaaS system to get OCR SDKs?

Some system requires the OCR feature, but the function is not frequently used by users. If the developers try to develop the engine by themselves, it will take long time and cost a lot of labor. Otherwise, if buying an OCR SDK directly, the money need to pay always more than the value that the feature cost. Yunmai SaaS system provides some sales programs to match this case. Users can deposit some money to their account, the balance would be deducted according to number of recognitions; or users can buy a promotional package of fixed amount for fixed recognition times, for example, pay $200 to get 10.000 times of recognitions.

How to use Yunmai SaaS system?

The developers need to go to and sign up an account, and then log in account to download a suitable OCR SDK. Normally the system provides one month of free trial, the developers can integrate the SDK to their software and test the feature in this duration. If the they are interested in the SDK, they can deposit some money to keep using the SDK, or select a package and buy it.

List of Yunmai OCR SDKs

  • Document OCR SDK
  • Business Card OCR SDK
  • Banking Card Recognition SDK
  • Chinese Citizen ID Card OCR SDK
  • Chinese Car Registration OCR SDK
  • Chinese Driver's License OCR SDK
  • Passport Recognition SDK
  • Car Plate Recognition SDK

Site to download demo products of Yunmai OCR SDKs

Programming language supported

The SDK is available for different programming languages: Java, C++, C, Object Pascal, Objective-C.

Contact information

Tel: +86 592 596 9372